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Find Family Fun at
Crown Haven Center

Go off-roading through the hilly, wooded countryside in a massive U.S. Army M923 A2 military transport. “It’s like a hay ride on steroids!” is how Crown Haven describes this experience.

DIY Art Getaway
From creating your own wooden sign decor to painting your pottery to learning to paint while enjoying your friends and wine, you’ll find it all here in Kokomo with our DIY Art Getaway.

Find Hall of Fame Pizza
at Martino’s Italian Villa

If you’re eating pizza at Martino’s Italian Villa in Kokomo, you’ve got handmade crust and sauce on your plate. It’s a big part of why the eatery was inducted in the national Pizza Hall of Fame.

Discover beautiful glass
along Indiana Glass Trail
Indiana is home to remarkable functional and decorative glass. The Indiana Glass Trail links today’s artists and glass-related venues in Eastern Indiana, bringing together the tradition and beauty of glass arts so you can experience it first-hand.

Tour America’s oldest
art glass company
Experience art glass up-close as it is hand-ladled and rolled from a 2,500-degree furnace and watch artists make blown glass creations in the Hot Glass Studio.

Spend a summer evening
with the Jackrabbits

Games at the 4,000-fan capacity Kokomo Municipal Stadium are about so much more than just baseball. At every Kokomo Jackrabbits home game, the players interact and meet with fans. You can plan on getting the players’ autographs, pose for photos, and meeting the Jackrabbits mascot, Jax.

World’s Largest Steer is a
must-see roadside attraction

Old Ben, the world’s largest steer, weighed 125 pounds at his birth in 1902. By the time of his death in 1910, Ben weighed 4,720 pounds. He’s 6.5 feet tall and 16.25 feet long. Ben is a must-see for roadside attraction fans.

We Care Park boasts
1 million+ Christmas lights

You can see We Care Park from outer space. OK, maybe not, but it’s a sight to behold and one guaranteed to infuse Christmas spirit into even the biggest Grinch. Volunteers spend months setting up the massive displays which have raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity.

Golf internationally without
ever leaving Indiana

Kokomo Indoor Golf Simulators features two simulators that allow golfers the opportunity to play a round of golf on 87 unique international courses.