Where should I park for the expo?


The organizers of the Grissom Air & Space Expo have worked closely with Indiana State Police to map out parking zones, entry and exit points, and the flow of traffic at the start and end of each day.

Click here for driving directions to Grissom Air Reserve Base

The following are parking directions from event organizers:

From the north: Drivers traveling south on U.S. 31 will turn west into the complex on Hoosier Boulevard. Drivers will be directed to general, permit, handicapped accessible or motorcycle parking.

From the south: Drivers traveling north on U.S. 31 and parking in general parking should take exit 166 to U.S. 35 north to State Road 218 and turn east to get to the complex. Permit parking, motorcyclists and handicapped accessible traffic will continue north on U.S. 31 to Hoosier Boulevard and into the complex.

From the east: Drivers should enter the complex via State Road 218 and turn north on U.S. 31 and west on Hoosier Boulevard.

From the west: Drivers should enter the complex via State Road 218 and turn south onto Foreman Drive.

Insider’s tip: Motorcycles riders should bring a small platform for their kickstand as they will be parked on grass.

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