Hit a “home run” with your family with a visit to Kokomo Municipal Stadium to watch the Kokomo Jackrabbits baseball team this summer. The team’s first home game of the season is June 4.

A college summer baseball team, the Jackrabbits are part of the Prospect League and play at Kokomo Municipal Stadium.

Tickets start at only $8. There are even ticket packages that get you unlimited ballpark food, soda, water and 3 beers.

And with the Jackrabbits, it’s always more than just a game. There’s as much happening in the stands as there is out on the field. Themed game nights, giveaways, pre-game festivities, and Kid Zone for youngsters create a fun game-day experience.

And best of all, it’s all within walking distance to Kokomo’s revitalized downtown, full of unique dining, shopping, art galleries, and adjacent to beautiful walking and biking trails along the Wildcat Creek!
For tickets and more, visit the Jackrabbits website here.

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