Featuring 13 art pieces, a new exhibit is opening Sept. 1 in Artist Alley.

The outdoor exhibit will include seven large-format paintings, four mixed-media pieces, one photograph on metal and one stone sculpture.

The 2017-2018 exhibit is open-themed and features several environmental statement pieces by two new exhibitors.

Artist Chad Wysong’s piece, “You are Here,” reflects human interaction with the environment while artist Tarjay Harney brings attention to the fracking process used in mineral and gas extraction in her piece “Fracked Process II.”

Artists featured in the exhibit are Sam Prifogle, KASH, Marcia Blacklidge, Allison Lumpkin, Lori Brubaker, Cheryl Sullivan, Troy Caldwell, Tarja Harney, Libby Kimbrough, Chad Wyson and Elle Blackburn.

There will be an opening reception during First Friday Artsapalooza on Friday, Sept. 1. All of the artists will be on hand to discuss their works from 5:30 to 6:30pm in Artist Alley located next to Artworks Gallery. Refreshments will be served.

The pieces:
The Unnamed Woman by Sam Prifogle
48x60 acrylic on plywood. The “Unnamed Woman” is a work about a strong, anonymous individual. It is meant to inspire determination and strength in others. I have always dreamed of being able to paint accurate, moving portraits of others. I chose to do this for Artist Alley to demonstrate that dream. I love to share my work with others, Artist Alley has allowed me to do so very publicly.

The Batman by Sam Prifogle
48x60 acrylic on plywood. “The Batman” is a call-back to my childhood. The first character I ever tried to draw was Batman. The character really sparked my love for art, both comic book-inspired and pop culture-based art. I would stay up to all hours of the night drawing and erasing my mistakes until I achieved what looked like this beloved character. He has become a pulp culture icon recognized the world over.

Incongruity by Allison Lumpkin
This piece presents the contradiction of angularity against that of holism. This incongruity between division and interconnectedness explores a deeper idea. The bright geometric background is based on an archived 1940s census map of Kokomo, incorporating elements local to our city. The mandala design presents a contrast to this geometric angularity, giving rise to the tension between the natural order and intrinsic design of the world and the artificiality created by societal norms.

Uniquely Wonderful by the KASH Visual Arts Club, a group of Kokomo area homeschool teens
This collaborative art project shows a dreamlike view of a whimsical forest. Each tree is unique and beautiful in its own way. Just like trees in a forest, all people in the world, and even here in Kokomo, are each special and exceptional. It is our individuality that makes the world such a wonderful and interesting place. Trees were selected to represent this idea within surreal view. It shows the interesting way the living forms interact with each other and emphasizes the distinctive nature of each person.

Acrylic and spray paint on plywood. You Are Here is meant as an insight into current human interaction with the environment, most specifically focused on climate change. The image of the Earth in the piece is melting, just as the ice caps on our own home are melting. Society too often places its own interests above the interests of the planet we live on. In order to truly protect our planet, then we must look for more than simply “band-aids” for problems beyond such quick fixes. The graphic nature of the piece reflects my background in visual communications design that I bring from my current studies at the Herron School of Art and Design, as well as my interests in street art and culture.

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