Each year since 2008 National Record Store Day has become a bigger and better event. The event, which is meant to promote small, independent record stores, will be celebrated in grand style at Kokomo’s American Dream Hi Fi, located at 109 E. Sycamore Street on Saturday, April 22. This is the third National Record Store Day event at American Dream Hi Fi.

“We expect a line around the block before we open,” said American Dream Hi Fi owner Mike Wilson. “The big draw for collectors is the limited edition discs that are only available on National Record Store Day.”

National Record Store Day was created to shine the light on small, independent record stores.

“There was this general notion that record stores didn’t exist anymore,” Wilson said. “The day is a way to show people – collectors or otherwise – that these small stores are still out there and that they have plenty offer collectors and casual listeners.”

Wilson feels the growing appeal of vinyl records can be attributed to several things.

“Now days most people are used to getting their music through a steaming service like Spotify,” Wilson said. “But there is a difference between digital music and a vinyl record. Even CDs have some compression and that affects the sound. Vinyl will sound more warm and inviting.”

The store will open at 8 a.m. and close at midnight. In between there will a plethora of food and music. Live entertainment at the store includes 11 different musical artists and DJs. Food and beverage offered during the day will include special 1-day only brews from Sun King and Dogfish Head Breweries.  Hot Box Pizza will be available along with other food items.

— Kokomo Perspective

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