Cheer on your favorite players as the best of the best in the Prospect League swing for the fences as the Kokomo Jackrabbits host the 2017 Homerun Derby on July 17 at Kokomo Municipal Stadium.

There will be plenty of homerun action, but the event promises so much more, too.

The fun starts at 5:30 p.m. with a Celebrity Homerun Derby. Local names of note have been invited to show off their batting skills in a shortened field.

There will be music from DJ Pugh from 6:30 to 7 p.m., when the official derby will begin.

Various players from throughout the Prospect League will compete in the derby.

If you’re not familiar with homerun derbies, basically the players are each given a chance to hit as many out-of-the-park homeruns as they can. The player who hits the most wins! (*There’s much more to it! Scroll to the bottom of this post to learn about the complete format!)

At 9:30 p.m., there will be fireworks at the stadium and live music from Peaceful Kings and No Names Blues.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Lawn: $8

Seats: $10

Party suite: $40 (includes ballpark food, soda, water and 3 beers per person)

VIP tables: $160 (includes 4 tickets, table, 4 chairs, ballpark food, soda, water and 3 beers per person)

Get your tickets here.



*  Ahh, welcome true sports fan. Thanks for the additional scrolling. Here’s how the derby will work:

Round 1 (12 Players – 65 minutes) – Each contestant gets a countdown from 2:30 to hit as many home runs as possible. They can earn a one-time bonus :30 of extra time if they hit a home run to a designated area. They can also call a time-out at any point to have a :30 break. Balls must not be pitched until the last ball hit has touched the ground.

Round 2 (6 Players – 35 minutes) – Same as Round 1, top six players advance. Tiebreaker is whether or not they received bonus time. Alternate tiebreaker is a 5 hit swingoff. Keep having swingoffs until someone moves on.

Round 3 (2v2 Bracket – 20 minutes…more fanfare, play things up, longer interviews, etc.) – Top 4 players advance (Tiebreaker is Round 2 Home Runs, then those listed prior). Top HR hitter in combined rounds will face 4th, 2nd will face 3rd.

Championship Round (1v1, whoever wins both of the bracket play matchups) – Same time rules as before. Tiebreakers will always be in the form of 5 hit swing-offs.

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